no. 1 Purdue holds off Iowa upset

Tonight the Iowa Hawkeyes faced the number one team in the country the Purdue Boilermakers.  Within the first 5 minutes of the game Purdue had already doubled Iowa’s score of 11 to 22.  Iowa would love nothing more than to knock off the number one team off its perch after beating Northwestern on January 31.  However Purdue, having only lost two games so far this season, look to take their momentum back after suffering a 5 point loss to their rivals IU back on February 4th.

With just seven minutes left in the first half Purdue was still well ahead of Iowa, the score 17-27.   It was clear Iowa had their work cut out for them.  Between Purdue’s defense and their fans they made Iowa fight for every point they earned. On the other hand, some might say Purdue was not playing at their best either.  The biggest difference between the two teams was Purdue made their shots. The stats toward the end of the first quarter were Purdue making 40% of their field goals 14-42. Iowa only made 29% of their field goals 10-34.  The final score of the first quarter was Purdue 38 Iowa 21.

The start of the second half looked very similar to the first.  The Boilermakers kept their lead, the fans were just as loud, and Iowa was struggling.  With under fifteen minutes left to play the score was 39-57.  With under ten minutes left to play in the second half Purdue continued to lead the game.  However, Iowa clawed its way back making it a 10 point game of 60-70.  Purdue improved its field goal percentage to 52% having 27-52. 

Iowa has also shown a lot of improvement as well increasing their field goal percentage to 48% having hit 27-56. It was coming down to the wire as Iowa fought to make it an 8 point game with a score of 62-70 with only six minutes left to play.  As the clock fell under 5 minutes the Purdue Boilermakers fans were at their loudest.  The score was 64-74 with just 4 minutes left to play.  Trying as hard as they could, Iowa could not beat the number 1 team in the country.

With just a minute left in the half Purdue’s field goal percentage bumped up to 54% making 32-59 shots.  Iowa’s field goal percentage dropped to 46% making 30-66 shots.  The final score of the game was Purdue Boilermakers 87 Iowa Hawkeyes 73. Purdue moves to 23-2 for the season while Iowa drops to 15-9.  Iowa is set to take on Minnesota this Sunday February 12th. While Purdue prepares for Northwestern on the same day. 

-Tim Stepp

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