End of the line for Hoosiers

Indianapolis, IN – The Hoosiers hoped for a repeat of a few weeks ago when they toppled the tough Iowa Hawkeyes, and they had the momentum and confidence to do it coming into this 3rd round game tonight.

      At the tip, Iowa made their gameplan known by moving the ball around and into the paint. They were able to jump out on a 6-0 run ro start then game. Then Ali Patberg got the Hoosiers on the board with a 3. IU got it together, and remained patient on offense and looking for good open shots. They just didn’t have an answer for Iowa on the defensive end. The 1st quarter ended with a buzzer beater 3 from Iowa’s Makenzie Meyer.

      The 2nd quarter started off rough for the Hoosiers who were able to get the ball inside but kept getting blocked. Iowa’s size has been tough for IU to navigate around. But IU has kept this gane close. Good defense from half court led to a steal by the Hoosier’s Bendu Yeaney and assist to Brenna Wise on the same play. Ali Patberg has shown confidence in her ability to shoot from mid range and beyond. Iowa has just been on point shooting. They were 46% from the field compared to IU’s 37% and the Hawkeyes were able to drop 2 more shots beyond the arc. At halftime Iowa led 33-27.

      Iowa stuck to their gameplan in the 3rd moving inside for easy shots, and knocking a few down from long range. IU was inconsistent in shooting to start the half and late to pick up players on the defensive end. Iowa went on a 6-0 run again. But, two big 3’s from Patberg brought them back. She finished the 3rd with 19 points. Brenna wise continued to be successful on rebounds and steals. She had 4 steals to end the 3rd and 7 boards. Iowa still up 43-46 to end the 3rd.

      Iowa’s Meyer opens up the 4th with a 3. And it was back and forth with getting close buckets for both teams. Until Aleksa Gulbe hit a big 3 for IU. Patberg drove and got fouled to send her to the line. She was able to give the Hoosiers the lead by 1. Iowa came out of a timeout and put the momentum on their side with a big 3, caused a turnover and another big 3. They took the lead back 58-54. Despite IU’s strong effort they just couldn’t pull off the upset. Patberg finished with 25 points, Wise finished with 9 points and 9 rebounds. Iowa moved on with a 70-61 victory.

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