Purdue survives Nebraska and moves on!

Indianapolis,IN – Purdue came into this game on a high note after dominating Illinois yesterday. And they continued their momentum with them. In the 1st half they were able to pull away from the Nebraska Cornhuskers and at one point hold a 12 point lead late in the half. The Boilermakers were able to get easy shits inside and pull in rebounds for more 2nd chance buckets. Nebraska had a hard time scoring close but didn’t shoot 40% from 3 in the 1st half. Purdue was able to go into halftime with a 40-30 lead.

      The 3rd quarter was still controlled by Purdue. They shot from inside the paint and and showed confidence in shooting from long range. On the defensive end Harris has been a force! She’s not letting easy buckets even be attempted, bot inside the paint and from 3. She recorded 2 blocks that quarter and has 8 rebounds so far in the Game. Whilby closed out the period with a buzzer beater 3 and gave the Boilermakers momentum for the 4th. Purdue led Nebraska 60-47 at the end of the 3rd.

       Nebraska has done all they could to stop Purdue’s Harris inside hurt just can’t seem to. They have done a good job of stopping Purdue from getting the ball to Harris though. Purdue opened the 4th with little mistakes that led to turnovers, and the boards haven’t fallen to them. This has led to a 5-0 run by Nebraska to bring the lead within 7 points with 6 minutes left. Nebraska seemingly out of nowhere decided to start hitting 3s and brought them within 1 point 68-69 with under 2 minutes left. Despite the late push by Nebraska, once again Purdue was able to hold on for a win 79-71.

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