Fever suffer hard loss at home to Storm

Thursday night saw the Indiana Fever go toe-to-toe with the Seattle Storm for the second time this season.  The last time these two teams met was May 22 in Seattle, with the final score of 83-85 with for a Storm victory. While the Fever were looking to play a similar game with a better turnout, this game was much of a different story.

While the Fever were able to start the game scoring the first basket, Seattle quickly established dominance over the Fever, creating the first point gap. The Fever continued to miss layups and other simple shots, giving Seattle an open door to secure a large lead.

The one thing the Fever had was fire, closing the point gap to just seven points at the end of the first half.  While the score was 41-47 the Fever were still only shooting at 30-40% while the Storm shot at 50-60%.  One noticeable difference in the first half of this game was the Fever’s ability to control the ball as the team only had six turnovers.

In the second half, the Storm kicked things into high gear creating a 13-point gap within the first three minutes of the second half. From there, the gap only got bigger with the final score of the third quarter being 59-81.

The Storm continued to rain all over the Fever with their biggest point gap being 24.  It was clear the Storm were not playing around with the final nail in the coffin being the 88-103 final score.

The Fever return home on Saturday when they face the Chicago Sky.

-Tim Stepp

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