Indiana women boil Purdue’s fire at Assembly Hall

Just 24 hours after the Purdue men’s basketball shutout Indiana by 20 points, the Hoosier women’s basketball team looked to even the odds when the two teams met once more Sunday but IU had their work cut out for them from the get-go.

All throughout the first half these two teams would fight for control of the ball, leading to both teams being tied for rebound and keeping the point spread minimal.

However, halfway through the second quarter Indiana would find their pace and create a 10-point spread.

Purdue would have trouble fighting back as they gave up 10 turnovers vs. Indiana’s four with the score going into half-time 41-30.

After catching their breath, Indiana came into the second half like a big ball of fire, creating a 20-point lead early in the third quarter. Purdue really played their defense conservatively leaving tons of room for IU to make three-point shots.

That fire would continue to grow throughout the second half when Indiana created a 30-point lead early in the 4th quarter.

With just 5 minutes left to go in the game Indiana’s McKenzie Holmes would become the all-time leading scorer in Indiana women’s history.

Whether it was home court advantage or getting the comeback for the men’s team, Indiana stopped at nothing to get the win.

-Tim Stepp


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