Ohio State wins Big Ten opener over Penn State

Ohio State Gymnastics vs. Penn State

January 22, 2022

Columbus Ohio

Covelli Center

Final score 196.450-196.425

Head Coach Meredith Paulicivic

Assistant Coach Randy Monahan

Photo Gallery:  Ohio State vs Penn State


Ohio State women gymnastics win their Big Ten season opener over Penn State, 196.450-196.425, on January 22, 2022, at the Covelli Center in Columbus, Ohio. Up next for the Buckeyes is a home meet on January 30th against Rutgers. Photos by Chris Shaw & Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily.

Photo by Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily on January 22, 2022.


Ohio State Team Vault: 48.925

Kaitlyn Grimes 9.725

Colby Miller 9.750

Nicole Riccardi 9.800

Sydney Jennings 9.850

Jenna Hlavach 9.850

Maddy Pike 9.725

Penn State Team Vault: 49.075

Alissa Bonsall 9.825

Kourtney Chinnery 9.825

Cassidy Rushlow 9.850

Lauren Bridgens 9.825

Jessica Johanson 9.750

Isabella Salcedo 9.675

Ohio State Nicole Riccardi’s score on vault was 9.725. Photo by Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily on January 22, 2022.

Ohio State Team Bars: 49.150                                                 

Zoe Schweitzer 9.725

Jenna Hlavach 9.775

Tory Vetter 9.800

Stephanie Berger 9.850

Colby Miller 9.825

Nicole Riccardi 9.900


Penn State Team Bars: 49.225

Jessica Johanson 9.775

Maddie Johnston 9.825

Nikki Beckwith 9.825

Cassidy Rushlow 9.850

Alissa Bonsail 9.825

Lauren Bridgens 9.900

Ohio State Tory Vetter’s score on beam was 9.900. Photo by Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily on January 22, 2022.

Ohio State Team Beam: 49.150

Zoe Schweitzer 9.875

Colby Miller 9.200

Alexis Hankins 9.750

Tory Vetter 9.900

Stephanie Berger 9.850

Sydney Jennings 9.775



Penn State Team Beam: 48.825

Maggie Ayers 9.100

Melissa Astanta 9.675

Isabella Salcedo 9.825

Lauren Bridgens 9.800

Maddie Johnston 9.825

Amy Bladon 9.700


Jenna Hlavach won the floor event with a career-high of 9.925. Photo by Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily.

Ohio State Team Floor: 49.225                                                                  

Jojo Warga 9.800

Claire Gagliardi 9.875

Alexis Hankins 9.900

Jenna Hlavach 9.925

Miriam Perez 9.725

Penn State Team Floor: 49.300

Alissa Bonsall 9.825

Jessica Johanson 9.675

Lauren Bridgens 9.850

Elina Vihrova 9.875

Isabella Salcedo 9.900

Melissa Astanta 9.850


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