Mad Ants get revenge against Delaware to close season

The last time the Mad Ants and the Delaware Blue Coats faced off, it was February 6 and the Mad Ants fell hard in a 141-96 loss at home. As poetic justice would have it, the two came toe-to-toe once again but in the Mad Ants’ final home game of the season.

Indiana was riding high, coming off a huge 15-point comeback against the College Park Skyhawks last week and looked to continue that momentum.

Unlike their previous game, the Mad Ants played a lot calmer and more poised, playing at their own pace and forcing Delaware to do the same. Unlike their last game vs. the Blue Coats, the Mad Ants didn’t panic and didn’t take unneeded shots out of desperation throughout the first half

With a 53-50 lead at half time, the Mad Ants matched almost every basket with another and hitting the Blue Coats with the same aggression.

The second half saw Delaware slowly and quietly pull away, taking a lead that saw as high of a deficit as 18 points from a 19-0 run. The Mad Ants, however, didn’t give up- amping up the defense and forcing the Blue Coats to go cold from the field.

The Mad Ants slowly found their way back into the game, chipping away, with Elfrid Payton playing a major role in the turnaround, helping Indiana to a second come-from-behind win in a row- this time 115-108.

-Reggie Edwards

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