Purdue routes The Ohio State University in 35 point victory.

West Lafayette, IN – Purdue came into this game on a roll winning their last 4 outings, and with an IU upset just minutes before the game started, they had the chance to sit atop the BIG 10 with a win today. Ohio St. has had a mediocre season and not much to brag about. Not that anyone here is mad about that.

Purdue came out the gates hot hitting their first 4 out of their 6 attempts from the arch. They came out pushing the ball and with a fast paced tempo. The boilermakers were able to jump out to a 8 point lead with just under 12 minutes left in the 1st half. And they did not stop shooting from 3 because they just couldn’t miss. The Boilermakers ended the 1st half 8-14 from 3 and shot 57% from the field. Ohio State just did not do much at all. Purdue led at the half 48-20.

The 2nd half was pretty much the same as the 1st half. Purdue continued to knock down shot after shot, even after putting in their reserves. Edwards finished the game with 25 points and shooting 9-16 from the field. Wheeler led the Boilermakers in rebounds with 7 and Cline led the team with 4 assists. Purdue beat The Ohio State University 86-51.

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