Hoosiers hold on to upset #15 Michigan State

The Hoosiers came into this game on a tear. Only losing one game this season so far and undefeated so far in the big ten. But, #15 ranked Michigan State has be equally impressive thus far in the season coming into the game 11-2 with losing to Northwestern in their last outing.  

The Hoosiers struggled early in the first quarter with lots of turnovers, and with keeping the Spartans out of the paint. Down 15 to 11 to end the first, Clouden for the Spartans made her presence known early with 6 point and 2 boards. She is definitely showing why she was just named the Big 10 Freshman Player of the Week. Ali Patburg led the Hoosiers with 4 points and 2 boards to end the first quarter.

It was a back and forth game in the 2nd quarter between the teams. Some late momentum for the hoosiers helped them take control of the game and go into the half with a 33-27 lead. Patburg still leading the way with 9 points but she’s had help with Wise and Penn both having 6 points and 4 rebounds.

#13 Jaelynn Penn opened up the 2nd half with a big 3 from the wing. Spartans hung in there during the 3rd quarter and getting rebounds, helping to stop any second chance opportunities for the Hooisers. Spartans were able to move the ball into the paint with ease and got an and 1 to help bring the Spartans within 1 with 90 seconds left in the 3rd. Despite the strong quarter by the Spartans, the Hoosiers were able to hold on to a one point lead to finish the 3rd. Jaelyn Penn and Ali Patburg continue to lead the team with 10 and 11 points respectively. Brenna Wise doing the dirty work and leads the team with 6 rebounds but also has 8 points.

Michigan State came storming out the gate for the 4th quarter and was able to regain the lead. It didn’t last long though. The Hoosier’s ability to drive to the basket has helped them tie it up with 6 minutes left in the game. Both teams traded buckets keeping the game tied with under 3 minutes to play. With 1:42 left Bendu Yeany for the Hoosiers came up with a clutch shot from the mid range to tie the game once again at 62 a piece. A huge basket with 45 seconds left by Jaelynn Penn from the arc gave the Hoosiers a 3 point lead. She’s making sure what happened last year at Michigan State with a late game dagger. The Hoosier’s refusal to quit on defense and patient offense down the stretch led to the 68-64 victory over the Spartans.

Brenna Wise finished the game with a double double getting 11 boards and scoring 14 Points. Jaelynn Penn led the team in scoring with 17 points and Aly Patburg finished with 12 points and 5 assists. This should be enough to get the Hoosiers into the top 25. When Jaelynn Penn was asked about how she felt in the late game 3 situation, “My confidence comes from my team and everyone having confidence in me to take that shot”.  Brenna Wise said “A number doesn’t define us” when the looming question of being ranked was brought up. This team has certainly shown they can compete with any one put in their way. 

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