Fishers snaps Hamilton Southeast win streak

By Jodi Herd, Photos by Joshua Herd

Friday was an exciting eventful night for the Fisher Tigers and a tragic loss for the Hamilton Southeast Royals. The Royals, who had a four-game winning streak, had a strong lead in the beginning which slowly started to slip away towards the end.

In the first quarter the Royals took a strong lead while the Tigers started off slowly. The tigers slowly started to catch up towards the second quarter with the help of #5 Willie Jackson. At half-time he had 12 points which brought the Tigers within 2 points at half-time. The score was HSE 27 and Fishers 25.

The tigers came back into action after half-time dominating by gaining a 9 point lead on HSE. Which allowed the final score of the 3rd quarter to be 41 to 32. The Tigers kept a strong hold onto their scoring game, as the Royals desperately tried to take back the lead but sadly it just wasn’t enough.

The Tigers took victory into tonight’s Mudsock game. In the final seconds of the game #2 Arron Etherington of HSE sadly missed a shot that could have overturned the game and could have brought the Royals to victory. It was a close game, but it all came down to the final score of Fishers 45 and HSE 44. Keep it up Royals maybe you’ll beat them at the next Mudsock game.

At the end of the game the two team captains of the Tigers rose and claimed the Mudsock trophy for this year’s basketball season.

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