UK remains undefeated at home in win over Auburn

Lexington, KY

Fridays meet against no.9 Auburn was postponed to Saturday afternoon due to weather concerns in the Lexington area, but that didn’t stop the Wildcats from coming out and putting up a big score to finish out the regular season undefeated at Memorial Coliseum. This would be the last home meet before renovations begin on the venue and wrap up in 2024. 

Kentucky seniors and their families on Senior Night 2023. © Chris Shaw / IndySportsDaily / @AmplifiedMediaPhotography

The Cats put up an impressive 197.675 against the Tigers 196.450. Starting right out of the gate with multiple 9.9+ scores including Makenzie Wilsons 9.975. The lead continued to build over on bars with all scores being a 9.825 or better. Moving over to beam saw Isabella Magnelli put up a 9.950 to capture the high mark for the apparatus. The Cats would then put up several exhibitions on beam and floor, showcasing the seniors who aren’t in regular rotation. The floor exercise saw a pair of Cats share the honors, with both Hailey Davis and Raena Worley setting 9.950s.

Auburn sophomore and Olympic all-around gold medalist Suni Lee ran through warmups on the uneven bars, but ultimately did not compete in the meet due to load management as they rested her before their meet against Penn State this week.

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The Wildcats hit the road to Champaign where they face Illinois on Saturday at 3pm EST to wrap up the regular season. 

Makenzie Wilson on vault. © Chris Shaw / IndySportsDaily / @AmplifiedMediaPhotography

Kentucky Team Vault:  49.550

Jillian Procasky – 9.800

Makenzie Wilson – 9.975

Arianna Patterson – 9.950

Isabella Magnelli – 9.850

Raena Worley – 9.925

Bridget Bourque – 9.850

Auburn Team Vault:  49.375

Bailey Bunn on the uneven bars. © Chris Shaw / IndySportsDaily / @AmplifiedMediaPhotography

Kentucky Team Bars:  49.375

Hailey Davis – 9.800

Bailey Bunn – 9.875

Annie Riegert – 

Kaitlin Deguzman – 9.925

Shealyn Luksik – 9.825

Raena Worley – 9.900

Auburn Team Bars:  49.250

Isabella Magnelli on the beam. © Chris Shaw / IndySportsDaily / @AmplifiedMediaPhotography

Kentucky Team Beam: 49.350

Shealyn Luksik – 9.850

Jillian Procasky – 9.900

Bailey Bunn – 9.800

Arianna Patterson – 9.850

Raena Worley – 9.675

Isabella Magnelli – 9.950

Auburn Team Beam:  48.575

Arianna Patterson on floor. © Chris Shaw / IndySportsDaily / @AmplifiedMediaPhotography

Kentucky Team Floor:  49.400

Makenzie Wilson – 9.800

Jillian Procasky – 9.800

Arianna Patterson – 9.900

Isabella Magnelli – 9.775

Hailey Davis – 9.950

Raena Worley – 9.950

Auburn Team Floor:   49.250

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