IUPUI barely falls short to first place Milwaukee

When the last team in the conference takes on a team tied for first, you expect a blowout. This wasn’t the case when the Panthers of Milwaukee traveled to Indy Thursday to take on IUPUI’s Jaguars. 

While the Jags played poorly for the majority of the game, they played well when it counted. Numerous loose balls weren’t hustled for, instead of rebounding, the Jags opted to tip the ball and made poor shot choices in addition to multiple missed layups and open shots. 

What made the difference down the stretch were the little things. The Panthers led the Jags in virtually every statistic aside from steals but IUPUI did those small things that don’t translate onto the box score.

In the end, while it wasn’t a win, IUPUI can be proud of this game as they only lost 72-69. They had multiple chances to win the game down the stretch but just weren’t able to capitalize on the opportunities. There’s a lot of positives to take away from this game but there’s also a lot of negatives to build off of as well. 

-Reggie Edwards


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