All Elite Wrestling and the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation Become Title Sponsors of KultureBall 2022

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation have announced that they will become the co-title sponsors of this year’s “KultureBall,” one of the  world’s most prestigious invisible disability inclusion charity galas.  

Taking place on Saturday, Aug. 27, in Birmingham, Ala., the gala will be titled “AEW/Jacksonville  Jaguars Foundation KultureBall 2022.” 

KultureCity, the nation’s leading nonprofit for sensory inclusion and acceptance of those with  sensory needs and invisible disabilities, has held the annual KultureBall as its premier charity  event since 2014. KultureBall is a night of celebration to promote accessibility, acceptance and  inclusion for those with sensory disabilities. In addition, at this year’s event, KultureCity will also  honor outstanding individuals and organizations for their work and advocacy in the disability  community with the “KultureCity Human Highlight Awards.” 

“We’re proud to have AEW and the Jacksonville Jaguars as our co-title sponsors of KultureBall,  and to deepen our relationship with both of these amazing companies even further,” said Uma  Srivastava, executive director of KultureCity. “With KultureCity continuing to push the  boundaries of sensory inclusion, and the numbers of those with sensory needs and invisible  disabilities growing every day, this event takes on even greater importance and wider exposure  to companies and guests worldwide.” 

“On behalf of the Jaguars and AEW, it’s an honor to support KultureBall and the example it sets for live events across the nation and the around the world,” said Tony Khan, CEO of AEW and Chief Football Strategy Officer of the Jacksonville Jaguars. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with KultureCity and ensuring that our events are sensory inclusive, accepting and inclusive for all.” 

Other sponsors of the KultureBall include Red Rock Secured, JH Berry, Harmony Venture Labs,  D/Tales, City of Birmingham, Steadpoint Insurance, Homewood Pharmacy, Yogibo, UPS  Foundation, Greg and Diane Knight, RedKnot Resource Group, UAB Callahan Eye Hospital,  Alabama Power, Don And Lisa Barden Charitable Giving Fund and Sharecare. 

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