Purdue beats Tennessee 48-45 in O.T. to walk out bowl winners!

Shot by Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily

Transperfect Music City Bowl

Nissan Stadium


Photo by Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily

Purdue made their return to the Music City Bowl after an absolute blowout 3 years ago to Auburn. This trip the Boilermakers seemed to redeem themselves a bit. Keeping the game very close and competitive. Purdue was listed as the home team but it was far from that type of atmosphere. It defiantly felt like a home game for the Tennessee Volunteers with the vas majority of the 69 thousands plus fans (the largest attendance in the history of the Music City Bowl) in the stadium wearing orange and white.

Purdue had a quick 4 and out to start the game. Tennessee wasn’t wasting any time when they got the ball. In just 44 seconds the Vols found a way to air it out for a 41 yard touchdown pass from Hooker to Tillman to strike first in the game. Purdue wasn’t backing down after that and came back with a 1 play drive going 75 yards through the air from QB Thompson to O’Connell. Tennessee then controlled the rest of the first quarter with back to back  touchdown drives.

Purdue didn’t get points on the board again until the second quarter but had 4 unanswered scoring drives (3 field goals and a touchdown). It wasn’t until the touchdown did Purdue finally get the lead in the game. All of their field goals were either in the redzone or just barely outside of it. A fumble recovery late in the 2nd that led to the Boilermaker touchdown shifted the momentum their way and into the half.

Tennessee seemed to have a short memory as they came out in the the 3rd quarter and drive down the field with ease for a touchdown. Purdue saw that and said they can match that and did and regaining the lead with the score 30-28. Defenses held strong throughout the rest of the third quarter with Purdue giving up one big pass play but then holding the Vols to a field goal. That kick through the uprights gave Tennessee the lead back 31-30.

The fourth quarter has been mostly players for Purdue falling down to stop the Tennessee no-huddle offense. Then out of nowhere both teams kicked into high gear and it was just big play after big play. With under 5 minutes left in the game both teams scored a total of 4 touchdowns! The game finished in a tie at 45-45 and went into overtime after a missed 56 yard field goal attempt by the Vols.

In overtime Purdue got Tennessee to go for it on fourth down and got the stop. Purdue just kept their playcalling simple in overtime with 3 runs just to get a bit closer to the endzone and to set up what ended up being the game winning field goal from 39 yards out.

Purdue really redeemed themselves in their return trip to the Music City Bowl after 3 years. This time being able to walk away with the victory. This also (up to the end of this game) keeps the B1G bowl season winning streak alive as no team in the B1G has lost a bowl game yet. (This will probably jinx it).

Shot by Tony Vasquez for Indy Sports Daily

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