Hoosiers overcome Bulldogs to improve to 9-1

The No. 12 ranked Indiana Hoosiers traveled to Indy tonight, where they faced off against in-state rival Butler in a game that was a big test for the Hoosiers, who have been on a role and climbing the national rankings quickly. 

The Butler Bulldogs were ready to put the IU squad to the test and they did so right from the tip-off and the First Half was a struggle for the Hoosiers, who threw the ball away multiple times, turned it over and made unnecessary fouls throughout, but their shooting carried them through to a narrow halftime lead. 

The Second Half saw the Hoosiers playing with a little more poise but still made some poor decisions with the ball and also fell victim to some poor calls and non-calls from the officials but essentially had to overcome themselves to pull out the win, which they were able to do but it wasn’t easy and it sure wasn’t pretty. Defense was the name of the game for the Hoosiers in the 2nd Half as they held the Bulldogs to a low scoring attack to close things out. 

The Hoosier attack was led once again by Ali Patberg (14 pts), Mackenzie Holmes (10 pts, 5 reb.) and Grace Berger (12 pts)- the latter of whom has come into the 2019-2020 campaign with an increased sense of confidence and has really stepped up her game. 

-Reggie Edwards

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