Fuel fall to Cincy 3-2

The Fuel and Cincinnati Cyclones returned to the Indiana Farmers Coliseum on Saturday night, continuing a heated matchup from the night before and they picked right up where they left off Friday. 

The Cyclones struck first, just 30 seconds into the game but the Fuel held their ground and scored halfway through the 1st Period and again toward the end- both by D Tim Shoup, well on his way to a potential Hat Trick early in the game. 

While Cincy scored two more goals in the 2nd Period to take a 3-2 lead, the Fuel didn’t rush things and they didn’t play desperate. Every cheap shot the Cyclones took on Indy, the home squad didn’t retaliate just to do so- rather, they just kept playing their game at their own speed and maintained their composure, focusing on tying things back up. 

Regardless of how close they got to tying the game up at 3, though, the Fuel just couldn’t get over the hump, coming up just short on numerous shots and a quick fight breaking up any last-second hope the Fuel had at sending things into OT.

Even though they fell short 3-2 on the night, the Fuel still played well and looked strong. They kept the game at their tempo and didn’t rush it, playing smart and not making poor decisions just to retaliate.

Coming into the game, the Fuel were tied with Wheeling and Fort Wayne for a three-way tie atop the Central Division and, even with this loss still look good in the grand scheme of things. 

-Reggie Edwards

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