EVP of AEW, Cody Rhodes hosts a conference call with Media

Fans are just over 24 hours away from seeing All Elite Wrestling debuting on TNT and launching a new era, changing the entire landscape of Professional Wrestling.

It’s the first time a pro wrestling program has been on the network in nearly 20 years, and with their past pay-per-views the AEW brand has shown to be very strong and has the momentum to end the monopoly the WWE has had for two decades.

Although, they have said numerous times that they aren’t directly competing with WWE and are offering an alternative, fans can’t help themselves but to push that narrative; It also doesn’t help the argument when WWE counter-programs against AEW- they did so by moving their hotter-than-ever NXT brand show to the USA network from the WWE Network and going live for 2 hours at the exact same time that AEW is on TNT.

Today, Cody himself held a conference call with the media and here are some notes from the call.

On Kenny Omega’s developmental comments towards the WWE’s NXT show:

“You will never hear me disparage NXT and a locker room full of my friends over there. Kenny was just having fun and continuing a character on Being The Elite.”

On his match with Sammy Guevara:

“Of utmost importance is introducing this new cast,” he said. “There has to be a human connection, you have to know who these guys are.” “If Sammy beats me, he takes my place at Full Gear.

-Cody can use his last name he just really loves the American Nightmare name and has gotten “the rub” off of his last name long enough.

Lots of AAA talent that Cody will love to feature on the show and a great deal of people not featured yet, although he did admit his math isn’t very good and that 40% number of wrestlers not featured yet isn’t correct.

His nerves are through the roof heading into tomorrow night’s show. He can’t think of a more important night since MTV and Rock n Wrestling.

On ratings to expect:

“That live audience is going to be the true test, it will be a good indicator” “Its a product for the several million people who left and are the “returners.”

On getting live shows on the west coast:

“We are working our way down the Eastern seaboard and across the country”

On how they will approach content on the TV show:

He stated one thing that he’s always heard is that the TV is a commercial for the live house shows and the great thing about the schedule that Tony Khan has put together is that there are no weekend live events, just the TV show and PPV’s, so the content will not be put together as a reason to have to show up to something else.

On Tony Khan being a numbers guy and looking at how wins and losses matter:

“It isn’t just wins and losses, almost look at how College Football is appropriated. Its not just the number of wins, but the quality of wins”- so how you win or lose will matter.


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